I’m taking a break

I haven’t posted for a few weeks now. This is because of two reasons. The first reason is that the computer had to be fixed a couple of times (I am currently writing this post on a different computer) and the second reason was that it’s the Summer holidays. Because of this I didn’t really have that much time to write posts. And it really would take a while to catch-up with all of the posts I missed. So I am announcing that I will take a break from my blog until the end of the holidays. I will return with daily posts on Monday the 5th of September, so MARK YOUR CALENDARS, EVERYBODY!!!

Seriously, though, I want to be able to enjoy my holidays. I love writing my blog, but sometimes it’s just not worth sitting in front of the computer during some rare Irish sunny weather. But do not fear! Just that I’m taking a break from my blog does NOT mean that there will be no Sci-fi Pie content for you guys to enjoy. Nuh-uh! I will still try to post some regular-ish videos on my YouTube channel. Also don’t forget about my second channel about chewing gum.

When I return to my blog after the holidays, I will have so much to talk to you guys about. This includes all of the awesome trailers that have come out during San Diego Comic Con. If you haven’t seen them yet, click here. Plus, I still haven’t done my review of Legends of Tomorrow.

So like this post, gimme a nice comment, share it, enjoy your Summer holidays and See Thee Soon!

Sci-fi Pie returns


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