My Brand New Youtube Channel!

Hey, guys! I just made this post to announce that I now have a brand new YT channel. Continue reading to find out more! 🙂 Continue reading My Brand New Youtube Channel!


Top 10 Star Wars Characters!

Hello, guys! Welcome to another Top 10 Thursday!!! Today I will be doing a list of my top 10 favourite Star Wars characters. However, I have just two rules. One of the rules is that the list doesn’t include any Jedi. I just thought that it would be fun to focus on all of the other characters that don’t always get the spotlight. Also, all of the characters need to be in Canon. Enjoy 😉 Continue reading Top 10 Star Wars Characters!

Steve Rogers in no Longer Cap!?!?

Zeesh! I’m still getting through the piles on announcements that happened during the holidays. Anyway, the announcement I’m tackling today is that it has been officially confirmed that Steve Rogers will no longer be our Captain in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe. Wait, what!?!?  Continue reading Steve Rogers in no Longer Cap!?!?

Top 10 MCU Superheroes

Hello! Today I’m starting a brand new weekly segment of my blog called Top 10 Thursdays. Basically, on each Thursday I will make a list of the Top 10… anything to do with science fiction. Today I’m doing Top 10 MCU Superheroes. These need to be people with some sort of powers (technology or genetic powers) and willingly use them to fight crime. I’m not counting the Agents of SHIELD, however, I am counting the Secret Warriors. The heroes on the list have to be currently alive in the MCU continuity. So your not making the list, Quicksilver and Lincoln.

Continue reading Top 10 MCU Superheroes