Doctor Strange Comic-Con Trailer!

Doctor Strange hasn’t really been one of the most anticipated movies this year. This is because Doctor Strange is a pretty niche character from the comics. But don’t forget that so where the Guardians of the Galaxy. Heck, barely anyone even knew who Iron Man was before he got his own movie!

If you haven’t seen the Doctor Strange Comic-Con Trailer yet, I recommend scrolling down to the bottom of this page. The trailer should be embedded in as a YouTube video.

First of all, I must say that this movie looks amazing. The first trailer didn’t reveal much, but now we finally have a proper look at what the movie is going to be. Stephen Strange’s facial hair seems to be much longer after his accident, so I’m presuming he was in a coma for at least a few months. Maybe even years.

This trailer doesn’t really show him fighting anyone, rather him learning magic. This is the only thing that kind of worries me. Batman v Superman was supposed to be all about their fight, but there ended up just being an eight minute scene where they actually tried to take each other down. This trailer showed us the villain (the guy with the weird eyes) but it didn’t show us Doctor Strange actually kicking his ass.

But I still think this will be an awesome movie either way. Doctor Strange in the comics is really about his constant journey to become and even better sorcerer. In fact, he nowadays mainly just fights bad guys when he’s part of the Avengers. The rest of the time, he’s busy being Sorcerer Supreme.

Talking about being Sorcerer Supreme, I wonder if that title also exists in the MCU. If so, I wonder if this movie is going to show him becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. My best guess is that he will be in Infinity War,  helping the Avengers fight Thanos. At the end of one of the two movies, I think there will be a post-credit scene with him being awarded the title. It just seems a little weird to me that in the comics he was training for years to become Sorcerer Supreme, but here he would just get the title in his first movie.

Tomorrow I will be doing the Wonder Woman Trailer. I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook and subscribe to me on YouTube. But that’s it from me for now. So Long!



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