Romanoff, Barton and S.H.I.E.L.D Chapter 19 – The Single Tear of a Hero

My fanfic is back!!! Check out the previous chapters here to get up-to-date with the story. This chapter is way longer than they usually are, but bear in mind it’s ending soon. So, yeah.

Hawkeye took out a pair of binoculars to have a closer look at their Asgardian ‘friend’. Suddenly he cursed and gave the binoculars to Maria.

“Oh, dammit. How the hell did he get that bloody Sceptre back!?!” she bellowed and stood up.

“Yeah… should I call in the rest of the Avengers?”



“We still have the element of surprise. One: He doesn’t know where we are. Two: He doesn’t know we know he’s here.”

“But we cannot take him alone. Especially not while he has that damned Sceptre.” Maria Hill had no answer to that. Clint was right.


         Thor smashed a chituari with his hammer. He is, after all, the mightiest Avenger. All of the other members of the team were finding this a much greater challenge than last time. However, Thor, the God of Thunder in person, had absolutely no trouble slaughtering these aliens. But he couldn’t slaughter them all. He still needed the Avengers.

           “It’s my fault,” he suddenly said to Iron Man.


             “If not me this wouldn’t happen.” Tony took a break from blasting chituari to examine Thor’s facial expression.

             “Yeah, there’s no denying that, bro.”

             Thor shed a tear. After all the horrid things that had happened to him over the past few days. He only showed that single tear. But as it fell to the ground, he realised something. He isn’t being a hero. Midgard needs a true hero, determined to protect it. No matter what would be necessary to do so. Thor suddenly felt a bit angry at himself that although he is indeed the mightiest Avenger, he wasn’t using his power to the full potential. He roared an old Asgardian battle cry and summoned a big streak of lighting out of Mjolnir. He wasn’t going to let these creatures harm anyone else on his watch.


       Loki was walking through Manhattan. He was chilled. Despite all of the destruction, he was chilled. This was his second chance for world domination. He wasn’t going to waste it this time. He was still confused why some of his own chituari would attack him every once-in-a-while. But the chituari were just a distraction so that he could take the Sceptre for himself. Hewas more powerful now than all of his chituaru combined. Suddenly, he saw something very peculiar. Despite the lovely sunny weather, a single lighting bolt had appeared. He even heard a faint scream. He immediately knew what this was about and within seconds it began to lash. He grinned and started to sprint in the direction of the bolt. Either Loki or Thor was going that day. And Loki didn’t want it to be himself.


    Hawkeye managed to say every foul word in the entire English language at least a dozen times since they saw Loki with his Sceptre.

       “He’s running towards Thor now. If we don’t warn him he’ll get killed.”

        “Clint, we need to be rational…”

         “You are the only one not being bloody rational!” Without waiting for Maria’s approval, Clint took out his communicator. “Hello…”

           “The communicator you are trying to call, doesn’t exist.”

            “Clint, it must’ve gotten fried when he summoned in that lighting.”

            “Yeah. That’s GONNA be a problem.”


     “HULK SMAAAAAAASH!!!” Hulk shouted yet again as he smashed yet another horde of chituari. Suddenly, he noticed the chituari going off in the opposite direction. “HUH!? HULK CONFUSED!” Hulk was clenching his fist, when Iron Man flew right in from of him.

      “Hulk! Don’t smash them. They don’t seem to want to kill us or the civilians anymore. We must follow them.” Hulk turned into Bruce Banner. And the two of them followed the chituari. They were all going in the same direction. They soon reached… Loki. They hid behind a wall and they could see them all attacking him, while he was killing them off with his Sceptre like one would swat flies with a spatula.

        “What in the name of…” Bruce began, but Tony shushed him before he could finish his sentence. Tony turned off the speakers on his helmet and called all of the other Avengers and Deathlock (who received a communicator before the battle) except for Thor. Thor for some reason wouldn’t answer his communicator.


    “What will we do then, Maria? We can’t just stay up here for the whole battle.”

     “Dunno… this is bad.” Suddenly, both of their communicators rang. It was Tony he was telling them to follow the chituari and they would do a sneak attack on Loki. This was the perfect scenario.

man vs fight scene hulk






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