Guardians Trailer…

This is a Russian rip-off of pretty much every superhero movie made so far… including the bad ones. They were clearly looking to make a competitor for MARVEL and DC. Yeah… the result is pretty weird.    If you haven’t watched this trailer yet, scroll to the bottom of this post and it should be embedded as a YouTube video.

First of all, why the hell would they give us this bear with a mini gun? Ok, I get it. Guardians of the Galaxy gave us a Raccoon with a blaster. They were pretty much sitting in the room talking to each other:

Hey! We need one more character! Any ideas? ___ Oh! I know! Since, Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty successful and they had a raccoon with a blaster, we should have a grizzly bear with a mini gun. And let’s mix in some Hulk. He isn’t always a bear, but he can transform into it. ___ Ah! Great idea! Well, we might as well go ahead and name the whole movie Guardians. Maybe people with think this is a sequel for Guardians of the Galaxy and they will accidentally pay to see our movie!

So, yeah. I think it’s pretty clear this movie doesn’t look too great, apart from the bear with the mini gun. This movie was originally in Russian, so the dubbing is pretty bad. They all have extremely un-natural English voices which don’t even line up with their lips moving.

However, I can see they have a pretty big budget. The only okay things in this trailer are the special effects. The CGI looks pretty good for such a small-scale, non-American movie. Will I go to see it? I doubt it will even be played in my local cinema, so probably not.

So, every time I do a trailer review, I try to add a quote from the trailer here. This trailer didn’t have any memorable quotes, so I’ll add their only attempt of a memorable quote:

Our experimental laboratory designed this special gear to increase your performance.

Where’s mine?

Tomorrow I will be doing the Rogue One trailer. I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook and subscribe to me on YouTube. But that’s it from me for now. See Thee Soon!


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