Top 10 MCU Superheroes

Hello! Today I’m starting a brand new weekly segment of my blog called Top 10 Thursdays. Basically, on each Thursday I will make a list of the Top 10… anything to do with science fiction. Today I’m doing Top 10 MCU Superheroes. These need to be people with some sort of powers (technology or genetic powers) and willingly use them to fight crime. I’m not counting the Agents of SHIELD, however, I am counting the Secret Warriors. The heroes on the list have to be currently alive in the MCU continuity. So your not making the list, Quicksilver and Lincoln.


My tenth favourite MCU hero is Hulk. He is a really interesting character since he can often go rogue, although the MCU have changed it a little bit so that he can more or less control changing into “The Big Guy”. However, he can still barely control himself when he actually is Hulk.


    The ninth place on my list is taken by Thor. While I usually prefer the Earth-based MARVEL movies more, Thor is the cause of many hillarious scenes that have him in our world. He always has Mjolnir by his side ready to kick some ass. And it doesn’t matter to him whether that ass belongs to a frost giant or a Hydra agent


    Gamora is guarding eigth place. She is a badass warrior with attitude. She was adopted by possibly the biggest tyrant in the MCU (Thanos) and has a pretty love/hate relationship with her sister, Nebula. The tragedy of having her entire race killed and being the only one left, shaped her to be the assasin she is today.


      Hovering above seventh place is Vision. The main reason I like him is because he was just an AI for Phase 1 and most of Phase 2. However, in Age of Ultron, he became a perfect synthetic being who, in my opinion, could probably defeat Superman in a showdown. He is also one of two characters so far in the MCU shown to be able to lift Mjolnir.


       There is a tiny plant pot on top of sixth place. Inside of it is tiny, little baby Groot. He is always either an intimidating ent who can grow at will or a cute twig that has some serious dance moves. His speech is limited to I am Groot and We are Groot, but that certainly doesn’t make him any less lovable.


       A shield just got thrown up and landed on fifth place. The shield is followed by no other than Captain America himself! The reason Cap gets my fifth spot is because of the importance he has to the MCU. He is the Ying to Tony’s Yang. And his movies are some of the most entertaining in the entire cinematic universe.


     Spiderman web-slinged onto fourth place. Although we haven’t seen much of him yet, Tom Holland managed to make Peter Parker bloody awesome. Although we have already seen multiple non-MCU portrayals of the character, the MCU version is definitely my favourite.


    Peter Quill blasted his way to third place. He is the MARVEL equivalent of Han Solo, with his ship, the Milano, being the equivalent of the Millenium Falcon itself. He’s an epic warrior known commonly by the name of Star Lord. He was last on Earth in the eighties and his reaction when he comes back to Earth will be awesome. As an added bonus, his father is a living planet.


    There ain’t no thing like him, but him! Rocket takes second place. He has a gun twice his size and he sure isn’t afraid of using it. Call him a raccoon it might just be the end of you. First, he’ll think of a creative snag for you, then he’ll blast you a couple of times, then he’ll walk away from your body announcing he is the best.


     And out number one spot is dominated by no other that the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist himself… Tony Stark AKA Tony Stank AKA Iron Man. This genius made his first battle armour while he was kept in a confined cave by terrorists. He has the attitude of Rocket Raccoon on steroids. He is the Yang to Cap’s Ying and he is never afraid to reming ol’ Steve who’s boss. Tony single-handedly kickstarted the entire MARVEL Cinematic Universe and, according to me, he sure deserves the title of the best MCU superhero!

        Tomorrow I will be doing the next chapter of my fan fiction! I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook and subscribe to me on YouTube. But that’s it from me for now. See Thee Soon!



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