Romanoff, Barton and S.H.I.E.L.D Chapter 20 – The End

Check out the previous chapters here to get up-to-date with the story. This is the second last chapter, so enjoy!

Lady Sif and Hogun were sitting at an Asgardian bar.

“D’you Thor is ready to become King of Asgard?” Sif asked as she took a drink of ale.

“Spends most of his time on Midgard,” Hogun replied and took a drink himself. “Is there such thing as King of Midgard?”

“There’s ‘President’ of Midgard.”



Today, this war was going to end. The Avengers would ambush Loki and end him once and for all. However, the rest of the Avengers weren’t there yet and Loki was getting closer and closer to Thor. Of course, Iron Man and Bruce Banner were still following him, but they were too scared to attack him on their own. Especially as he had his Sceptre. It would only take another 20-or-so more minutes until Loki reached his destination.

     “Guys, what’s up?” Tony called all of the other Avengers again. “Thought you’d all be here by now!”

     “We’re coming,” said Hawkeye.

“This ain’t exactly a small town, Tony,” said Deathlock.

“Be patient,” said Scarlet Witch.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get there,” said Falcon.

“I’m coming by foot y’know,” said Black Widow.

“I’ll be there ASAP, Sir,” said Vision.

“For once, just wait a sec,” said War Machine.

Iron Man sighed. If they didn’t get there in 15 minutes, this could all be over very quick.


“Yeah, Hawkeye?”

“I know why the chituari are following Loki.” Maria Hill, who was with him, shook her head, but he ignored her.

“I’m listening.”

“Maria gave me these special arrows that make Loki’s brainwashing useless. They aren’t actually that stupid. When they aren’t brainwashed, they know how evil that guy is.”

“Huh. Interesting. Just wanna know, who else was in on this?”

“Me,” Black Widow said.

“You guys are officially never allowed to complain I didn’t tell you about Ultron, deal?”


      20 minutes passed and all of the Avengers were there. They were all ready to kick Loki’s ass. Except for Thor, who still had no idea about any of this. They did a surprise attack. Bruce Hulked-out again. Many of them got shot by a blast from Loki’s Sceptre. They were all weak. All apart for Loki. He was still in peak condition. That is, until Iron Man shot him in his leg. He wasn’t protecting his legs. He thought the armor he had would defend him. He was wrong. He went to the ground. Hawkeye shot and explosive arrow at him. Vision burned him with his laser. Loki screamed with pain. As he was getting up, Scarlet Witch lifted him up and smacked him against the ground as if she was using the Force.

     But Loki wasn’t it the mood to loose this battle. As Iron Man tried to blast him again, he deflected it with his Sceptre, letting it bounce onto Scarlet Witch. She fell to the ground.

    “Tony! I’ll be taking injuries to the tower,” said Falcon.

     “Take Wanda! And while you’re there, see if Cap can return to battle.”

     “Will do!” They just lost two more Avengers. Hulk wanted to use the same strategy he used on Loki last time he invaded. The strategy was smashing him like mad. This time, though, it did not work. Loki fired an energy blast into Hulk open mouth, causing him to turn back into Banner. Now Loki just kicked him in the stomach and Falcon had to take their tank away to the tower the next time he came.

      “Anyone else?” Falcon asked after he returned again. Hawkeye signalled for him to land beside him. He whispered into his ear.

       “Go find Thor.” Falcon flew off yet again after hearing this. Eventually, pretty much all of the Avengers were seriously hurt, but Falcon wasn’t there to take them to safety. The ones that could no longer fight sat behind a rock. It was just Black Widow and Hawkeye. That is until Loki destroyed Tony’s arc reactor. It was just Black Widow and Hawkeye.

 Two mere agents against a god. They were both still alive. While the rest were extremely powerful, they both went through intense SHIELD training. They were both masters of strategy. Hawkeye shot a few arrows at Loki, Loki stopped to take them out and Black Widow attacked up-close. This strategy worked for a while. Until, they heard a storm stirring up behind them. Loki looked up only to see his brother more angry with him than ever.

     This was their chance. Hawkeye and Black Widow didn’t stop firing at him. Loki still had no idea where the injured Avengers were hiding, so they all came out from behind the rock and those that had any sort of ranged weapon fired like hell at Loki.

      “Legolas, y’still have my sniper?” Tony asked as he came out. His arc reactor was powering his armor, so not only could he no longer use his armour, he couldn’t call for another one.

      “‘Course! I only used up a single bullet,” and Clint passed Tony his gun. For once, he wasn’t fighting as a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. He was fighting as a soldier.

    Loki was more confused than anything. It happened so quickly. A second ago he was fighting two mortals and now he was being dominated by a tonne of artillery. A few soldiers that were fighting the chituari up until now, joined in spraying Loki with bullets. And then, Thor ended it with one hit of his hammer. All Romanoff and Barton could see was light, and then they went unconscious.


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