SHIELD Agent Job Interview Sketch

We all have our guilty pleasures. However, make sure that you aren’t chewing on piece of gum when you are at your job interview to become an agent in a worldwide intelligence agency. Seriously, guys, don’t do that.

As some of you hardcore Sci-fi Pie fans might know, I have a few YouTube channels. My main channel, Sci-fi Pie, is where I post videos that are even loosely related to my blog. I also make videos for our family channel, Chewy fun, where we post videos that are about chewing gum… please, don’t judge me.

Since Agents of SHIELD season 4 is right around the corner and I hadn’t done a video on Chewy Fun in ages, I decided to merge the two together into one awesome video. Wondering how I made a video about both Agents of SHIELD and chewing gum? Well, you are about to find out!

The whole jist of the video is that a guy is at a job interview to be a SHIELD agent. However, he doesn’t get the job. Why doesn’t he get the job? He’s on of the most qualified people that ever applied, so why didn’t he get the damn job? Well, my friend, the reason he didn’t get it, is that he was chewing gum during his job interview. WHAT!?!?

So, I guess you could even call this video a sort of guide. I guide of what not to do at an interview. You could even call it a fable with a little bit of an imagination.

Anyway, in the video I obviously play both characters. I tried to put on a voice for one of them. I based the voice for the guy giving the interview on Thunderbolt Ross’s voice in Incredible Hulk and Captain America: Civil War. Also, I got the idea for the sketch, because my mum was recently at a job interview. She got the job too! Go ahead and congratulate her on Twitter!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Tomorrow I will be doing another edition of Top 10 Thursdays!Don’t forget to like me on Facebook and subscribe to me on YouTube. But that’s it from me for now. So Long!


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