Top 10 Star Wars Characters!

Hello, guys! Welcome to another Top 10 Thursday!!! Today I will be doing a list of my top 10 favourite Star Wars characters. However, I have just two rules. One of the rules is that the list doesn’t include any Jedi. I just thought that it would be fun to focus on all of the other characters that don’t always get the spotlight. Also, all of the characters need to be in Canon. Enjoy 😉



My tenth place is dominated by C3P-0. This over-reacting protocol droid was built by Anakin Skywalker when he was a slave on Tatooine and he will always be in all of our hearts. He also recently got an upgrade to a nice red arm in The Force Awakens. 


Next up on my list, is Princess Leia. Despite the fact she is officially royalty, she still has the guts to fight the bad guys whether it’s the Empire or the First Order. In The Return of the Jedi she even killed Jabba the Hutt using the very chain he tied her up with. Now that’s badass!


A double-sided red saber can be spotted on the eight spot! How peculiar? Only Darth Maul wields a double saber. This Sith started the entire Star Wars saga when he put a lightsaber through Qui-Gon Jin. If Qui-Gon was never killed, Star Wars would have never happened.


A certain scavenger is on the seventh spot. This scavenger is none other than Rey! She lived on Jakku until one day she met a certain orange and white droid, which kickstarted her adventure around the galaxy and ended with her finding her hero, Luke. Ended, for now…


There is a disturbance in the Force on sixth place and if you listen up closely you can hear some deep breathing. It’s Darth Vader! This inter-galacting tyarn had the %$#@$ to blow up Alderan with just one push of a button and him being Luke’s father [SPOILER ALERT] was arguably the biggest reveal in cinema history.


Oh no! Stormtroopers are attacking fifth place! Wait a minute, one of the stormtroopers just took off their helmet. Oh, it’s Finn! He was sucked into the First Order regime as a little child and eventually used his free will to make his own risky decision and escape.


How did this little ball roll up all the way to fourth place? Meh, who cares? BB-8 has only been in one film and is already one of the most beloved Star Wars characters. His unique mechanics and rivalry with Finn make him… her… it my fourth favourite Star Wars character.


Yet another droid is on third place. However, I know how this one got up. It used it’s jetpacks! R2-D2 is one of the most iconic characters from Star Wars and he still has a very unique presonality, despite the fact he is limited to just beeps and boops.


A laser has been blasted at second place. But it’s not from a normal blaster. It’s from a crossbow blaster! Chewbacca has always been Han Solo’s co-pilot, despite the fact they might not always get along. However at the end of the day, they’ll just give each other a big hug.


Talking about Chewie and Han Solo, my number one favourite Star Wars character ever is Han Solo!!! He used to be a smuggler with a bounty on his head and unpayed taxes. No he flies around the galaxy in his Milenium Falcon fighting the Empire/First Order with a five times bigger bounty on his head!

Tomorrow I will be doing the last chapter of my fan fiction! I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook and subscribe to me on YouTube. But that’s it from me for now. So Long!



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