Sci-fi IRL: NASA vs SpaceX Part 1

I haven’t done one of these Sci-fi IRL posts in quite a while now, have I? So, here you go! Anyway, NASA is now trying to conquer the cosmos (figuratively of course) for over 50 years. However, SpaceX is only in the business since 14 years ago. So, what makes it that I’m here comparing these two organizations? Continue reading Sci-fi IRL: NASA vs SpaceX Part 1


50 Followers!!! + I’m Publishing a Book!?!?

In this post, I said that by 2017 I want to have 20 followers on my blog. But, guys! You absolutely destroyed that goal! You managed to double it and get a nice round digit before the end of November! You guys are awesome. Now, due to this special occasion, I have a pretty special announcement to make.

Continue reading 50 Followers!!! + I’m Publishing a Book!?!?

Doctor Strange – My Thoughts

Yes, I know! It took me quite a while to finally publish this post. The movie has been out for ages now and I’m only just publishing my review. What kind of madness is this!?! Don’t worry, guys. I’ve watched the movie a few days ago. I was just busy with a certain super secret project I’m working on that you guys will find out about very soon. Just, bear with me. Continue reading Doctor Strange – My Thoughts

I got my Letter Printed in an Actual Comic!!!

So, you know the way that some MARVEL Comics (not too sure about DC) have a special page dedicated to letters sent in by the readers? Well, I recently got my letter printed in one!!! MARVEL Legends #3 to be exact. Unfortunately, these comics are only available in the UK and Ireland. But if you wanted to you could probably pick them up on Amazon or Ebay, cause they have really cool storylines. Oh and, by the way, there will be spoilers for Steve Rogers – Captain America #1 in this post. You have been warned! Continue reading I got my Letter Printed in an Actual Comic!!!