My Time in Poland! 

As I mentioned in my Halloween post, I couldn’t publish any content on my blog, for the past week. This was because I spent the mid-term break in Warsaw. So, in this post, I just wanna tell you guys a bit about my week abroad.

So, first I got up on Sunday at 3am to schedule my Haloween post for the next day. I had some breakfast and we drove to Dublin Airport. We got on our plane and a couple hours later we were at the Chopin Airport in Warsaw. For the duration of the week, we stayed at my grandmother’s house. So we got there and had some dinner. Later, we visited some more family in Warsaw and came back when it got a bit late. Bear in mind that it pretty much gets pitch dark around 6pm.

On Monday, we went to a shopping centre. Its called Promenada (Promenade). We spent somewhere around 2 hours there. Then we came back. In Poland, Holloween isn’t really celebrated much, so we didn’t do anything for that. However, we spent most of Tuesday visiting graves, because it was All Saints Day. In the morning, we went to church. Then we visited a few cemeteries, came back to my grandmother’s house for dinner and went to a cemetery again when it got dark. In Poland, all Saints Day is celebrated a lot, so the cemetery looks absolutely amazing at night. You can see all of the lights shining through the darkness. Here is a photo:


On Tuesday, it was All Souls’ Day, so we went to a few cemeteries again. On Wednesday, we just went to a couple of doctors. We also went to the very centre of Warsaw. Here’s a photo of the Pałac Kultury i Nauki (Palace of Culture and Science):


     On Thursday, we visited my Godparents and my cousin. Look at this awesome kitty they have. His name is Benek. Here’s a photo of him:


     On Friday, we visited the Museum of PragueBasically, the part of Warsaw we were in is called Prague. Its a really awesome museum. On the first floor, they had a huge model of what Prague used to look like. I’m kicking myself for not taking a photo of that. On the second floor, there were basically a whole bunch of old stuff including old toys, old money and old chocolate packaging. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of one of my favourite chocolate treats in the entire gosh-damn world Ptasie Mleczko (Bird’s Milk):


     Saturday was, unfortunately, our last day. We briefly went to my Godparents again and then I made Pierogi with my grandmother. Just click on this link if you are wondering what the hell Pierogi are. Anyway, on Sunday we got up and my uncle drove us to the airport. From the Chopin Airport in Poland, we flew to Dublin Airport in Ireland. And we were back in the same place where we started the whole journey.

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5 thoughts on “My Time in Poland! 

    1. Naprawdę! Bomba! Mam 12 lat. Od ośmiu lat już żyję z rodzicami w Irlandii. Za zwyczaj latem lecimy do Warszawy. W tym roku pojechaliśmy jesienią na Wszystkich Świętych. A Ty z jakiej jesteś części Polski?


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