My Blog’s First BDay!!!

It’s the seventh of December, guys! You all know what that means! No, I’m not talking about the YouTube Rewind coming out. I’m talking about the one-year anniversary of me creating my blog!

On this very day exactly one year ago, I made a WordPress website. I chose the first name that popped into my mind. Sci-fi Pie. Originally, I used a very boring URL:, although I eventually moved over to my current one. I remember my mum, who inspired me to start a blog, telling me that when I get twenty followers she will make me a Facebook page for the blog. And I remember being there, thinking How on Earth am I supposed to get 20 frickin’ followers and here I am a year later. I celebrated 50 followers not too long ago! It’s still a humble number, but more than I thought I’d ever be able to get.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania happy 1st birthday

I dare say that over this past year my writing skills have definitely improved. I look back at my very first post and cringe at every single sentence:

Welcome to the first sci-fi pie! I am Mika (feel free to call me Mike) and I’m a HUGE science fiction fan. I will be keeping you up to date with the latest new in the sci-fi world as well as giving you my own opinion about certain things. For example: I am super excited about The Force Awakens, but I really couldn’t care less about The Dawn of Justice.

    Every so often I will also have a Sci-Fi IRL post. In these I will be telling you about the some technologies in real life that may seem like nothing else than science fiction. But I’m not talking about phones and computers. I’m talking about space-travel  and driveless cars.

    I hope that you will enjoy these and all posts. Every post will be a pie; a Sci-Fi Pie. And I will gladly be your baker. So sit comfortably and get ready to dig into the best pie you have every eaten. 🙂

The cringe is unreal! I’m not a HUGE science fiction fan. Especially not back then! And why would I ever want anybody to call me Mike!?!? Ughh! I can’t believe I wrote all of that!

Anyway, I have a very special way to celebrate the YouTube Rewind… I mean the anniversary of my blog! Dammit! I swear I was soo annoyed when they announced the 2016 YouTube Rewind will be coming out on the seventh of December. It’s like Google just wanted to over-shadow my little celebration. 😦 But, back to my original point. To celebrate my blog’s first birthday, I decided that today could be the day I finally publish my book. Learn more about my book here.

I feel like my MARVEL fan fiction has been a huge part of my blog for the past year, so it’s very appropriate for me to publish it on my blog’s first bday. Unfortunately, as of publishing this post, Amazon is still formatting the book. I will let you guys know when you can get it. You will be able read it on your computer, phone or Kindle!

So, I hope that you all enjoy the book and enjoy this year’s Youtube Rewind! Share this post on your social media if you feel like you want other people to know about it. Talking about social media, don’t forget to like me on Facebook and subscribe to me on YouTube. But that’s it from me for now. See Thee Soon!


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