The First Day of Christmas 2016

Last year for Christmas I did this really cringeworthy parody of 12 Days of Christmas where all of the items in the song are replaced with items from Star Wars, DC and MARVEL. I was very proud of it back then, but, um… yeah. Pssst: It’s actually really, really weird. For the lolz, check it out here. Anyway, this year I decided to do something slightly more appealing. I had an idea to do a 12-part fan fiction with all of your favourite sci-fi characters. There will be a new part of the fan fic coming out every day for the 12 days of Christmas. Here’s the first one. Enjoy! 😉

The year was 15 After the Battle of Yavin. By now, Luke Skywalker pretty much got over the events of his traumatic duels with Darth Vader in Cloud City and onboard the second Death Star. He left Princess Leia, Han Solo and the droids, though. He decided that it would be better if he stayed alone for now. He bought a ship and flew to Ahch-To. He chose this planet because barely anyone lived there. He found a reasonably small island, just so that he could be 100% sure he was completely alone.

He trained every day on this little island. He had grand plans of one day starting a Jedi Temple there, where he could train future Jedi, but he was still very young and had much left to learn. He made a little underground base for himself inside of the island. Every morning he would wake up there, have some breakfast which usually consisted of cereal with blue milk, next he would grab his lightsaber. For 6 hours he was trained by the Force ghost of Master Yoda, then for another 6 hours, he was trained by the Force ghost Master Kenobi. Yoda would teach him how to use the Force, while Kenobi would teach him fighting techniques. But one day, while he was having training with Obi-Wan, the Jedi Master paused for a sec.

“I can feel something in the Force.”

“What is it, Ben?”

“Th-there is someone else here.”


“Well, their not here yet. But they will be very, very soon.”

Just then, a mysterious portal appeared. A man flew out in a shiny gold and red armour.

“What kind of droid is that!?!?” shouted Luke, confused as ever. Suddenly, a man in a red suit also ran out of the portal just as it was closing. But, the man wasn’t running at normal speeds. Oh, no. He was going faster than a normal human eye could see. Only Obi-Wan saw that man, because he could use the Force to notice him. The man in the armour and the man in the red suit stood in front of Luke.

“Hey, Kid. I’m Tony Stark,” said the man in the armour, taking off his helmet to reveal a face with short black hair and a very short, neatly shaved beard.

“And I’m Barry Allen,” said the man in the red suit, taking off his mask to reveal the face of someone not that much older than Luke himself. “We need to talk,” he added.

Iron Man, the Flash and Luke Skywalker standing in front of a Christmas backdrop with "Day One Of Christmas" written above them
Part 2 is coming tomorrow, guys!



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