The Second Day of Christmas 2016

Hey, guys! 😀 Welcome to part 2 of my special Christmas fan fiction. If you missed yesterday’s post, make sure you check it out to see part 1 of this story. Anyway, I hope you all had an awesome Christmas yesterday and without any further delay, let’s do this thing!

Tony looked over at the Force ghost of Obi-wan.

“Oh, man! That looks pretty damn trippy! Is it a ghost or what?” he said without thinking twice.

“Who are you!?!” asked a very frightened Luke.

“Oh, c’mon! We already told you! Were you even listening?” Tony blurted out. Barry noticed that his partner’s approach wasn’t really the best.

“Em… listen. What’s your name?” enquired Barry.

“Should I tell ’em, Ben?” said Luke, turning around to look at Master Kenobi. However, the Force ghost had already disappeared.

“Despite what this drunk guy beside me is probably leading you to believe, we’re not gonna hurt you,” said Barry very calmly. The young Jedi took a deep sigh.

“I’m Luke Skywalker…”

“And I’m not drunk!” Tony rudely interrupted Luke. Barry cringed and tried very hard not to strangle the guy. He suddenly felt extremely sorry for the rest of the Avengers. Barry took some round mechanical-looking object from behind his belt and threw it at the wall. Suddenly, another portal appeared, just like the one he and Tony got there through.

“Everyone, go in. I gotta go last so I can shut it down,” said Barry in hopes that Luke wouldn’t suddenly try to stab him with a lightsaber and think that they are both murderers. Tony put his helmet back on and flew into the portal. Luke hesitated for a bit, and eventually went in himself. After they both went through, Barry picked the round thing back up, pressed a button on it and just about managed to run through the portal at double light speed, just before it completely closed. Mere seconds later, all three of them were in a big black room. It was dark for a sec until a bunch of fiery-looking lights went on.

“A-are we on Mustafar?” enquired Luke, still shocked by their sudden teleportation.

“I have no idea what Mustafar is so, no, we’re not there,” said Barry in that overly-sophisticated, nerdy way he so often does.

“Hey, if the kid wants to believe we’re on Moostoofoo, then let him be!” said Tony. Barry dug his face into his left hand until he gathered the energy to keep going.

“I got both of you together because I need you to take down a big threat.”

“What threat?” asked Luke eagerly.

“Oh gosh. What bullcrap,” remarked Tony. Barry decided to ignore this.

“His name is Superman.” As Barry said this, a huge hologram appeared in the room of a man with black hair in a red, yellow and blue suit breaking through a wall. “He used to be a great ally, but then he went rogue. And I need your help to help me take him down.” Tony cursed as he heard this.

“Bring it on!” he shouted at the top of his voice.




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