The Third Day of Christmas 2016

Hey, guys! Welcome to part 3 of my super special Christmas fan fiction! You should probably check out the previous 2 posts, just so that you can understand the story.

“We have very limited time to prepare for this battle,” said Barry. He then took a deep sigh. “This threat, known by most as Superman, is extremely powerful and, of course, dangerous. Unfortunately, I cannot promise that all of us will be able to return home after this battle. Some of us may have to give their life for the greater cause,” he added.

“If the Force wants us to succeed, we will,” said Luke. Tony cringed.

“What the hell is The Force???” he said, mocking the way Luke said it.

“It flows through those that it chooses and helps them bring balances to it.”

“Emm… are you talking about hormones?” asked Tony, genuinely confused.

“No, The Force flows through people as tiny microorganisms called Medichlorians,” Luke added.

“Science is either extremely advanced or extremely behind in this weird universe,” Tony murmured. Barry rolled his eyes.

“Guys! If we wanna have any chance of taking this guy down, we need to start preparing immediately!” he said. Luke and Tony went silent.

“Of all the people in our two universes, why did you choose me and this dude?” asked Tony eventually.

“I tried to find the most useful person in each one. As you know, I could only take one person from each of your universes. Tony, your an engineering genius. Luke, your being trained by wise monks…”

“Jedi,” Luke corrected him.

“Fine. Your being trained by wise Jedi who can channel an ancient energy, unknown anywhere else,”  Barry said, looking at them both, with a pleading look in his eyes. “I need your help, guys… and I need you to take it seriously,” he concluded. Tony sighed.

“Okay, we’re gonna need a strategy. A good one. You need to give me a full run-down of everything this guy can do, so I can quickly design some amour to help us take him down,” said Tony very quickly. Barry was shocked for a sec.

“Em… right, so, get a pen and notepad ready or something. This’ll be a long list. This guy can fly, he is incredibly strong, incredibly fast, he has laser vision, he can freeze stuff with his breath and his skin in impenetrable,” said Barry.

“Impenetrable skin!?! Oh, crap. Does he have any exploitable weaknesses?” said Tony, genuinely scared they won’t be able to defeat Superman.

“Yes! He his very vulnerable to the mineral, Kryptonite. I’ve been able to track down a warehouse full of it, but we will have to attack the warehouse and steal that stuff first.”

“Do you know where said warehouse is?”

“Yes. It’s owned by a madman called The Joker. Before coming for you two, I tried reasoning with him and even offering him large sums of cash, but he left me with no choice. We’re going in for the kryptonite tomorrow, first thing in the morning and then you, Tony, can try to use it to make some armour that can help us defeat Superman.”



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