The Fourth Day of Christmas 2016

Hey, guys! Welcome to part 4 of this Christmas fan-fiction thing. Before we start, I wanted to briefly acknowledge yesterday’s unfortunate passing of Carrie Fisher, the actress behind Princess Leia. I talk about Star Wars a lot on this blog, so I thought it’s important for me to mention this.

Barry let Luke and Tony go to each of their worlds to spend the night. Luke told Obi-Wan and Yoda about everything, though it turned out that they already knew. In the meantime, Tony Stark was sitting on a couch on one of the top floors of his tower and he was debating whether or not he should tell the Avengers. Of course, Barry told him not to tell anyone, but Tony doesn’t care what people tell him to do. Eventually, he decided to tell Nick Fury. Tony knew that Nick likes to keep a low profile and probably has a dozen different identities, so Tony was just hoping Nick would answer the beacon. Basically, when the Avengers were being created, they were going to give everybody a special beacon they can activate if they need the other Avengers. They ended up just giving one to Tony Stark and Nick Fury.

“Tony?” said Nick, surprised.

“Yup. It’s me.”

“What trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?”

“Listen, I don’t want anyone else to find out about this. Understood?”

“Yeah, ‘course!”

“Not the Avengers, not SHIELD, not anybody.”

“Okay, okay! Tony, just get to the point.” Tony then took a deep breath and told Nick Fury everything that had happened to him that crazy day.

“Somewhere around 8 pm, a fella’ in a red suit with incredible speed, kinnda like Pietro Maximoff, came to me through a portal. We then went to another world and took some weird teenager with a laser sword. Next, the dude in the red suit took the two of us to a weird dark room, where he showed us a holographic projection of a guy, called Superman, who we need kill. This Superman has one major weakness, some mineral called Kryptonite. Tomorrow, we’re gonna raid a warehouse full of it.” Nick Fury was shocked for a sec. But he, surprisingly, believed every word that came out of Tony’s mind.

“We can send in back-up, Tony…”

“Apparently, only one person can go from each world. You see, though, Nick. The thing is that, as you know, I also have technology that can allow for exploring the different universes. That guy in the red and the guy with the laser sword, I found a universe where they’re both just characters from movies.”

“You think they’re not real?”

“No. I have solid proof that they’re both not real.”

“Oh, gosh. That’s insane!It’s as if I had a picnic with Bugs Bunny…”

“Um, yeah. I guess that’s a fair analogy.” They said goodbye to each other and they hung up. But there was one more person Tony wanted to get in touch with before he went to bed. This person is an absolute genius when it comes to multiverses. This person isn’t a wanted fugitive, though, so Tony just called a number from his contact list.

“Stephen? You there?”

“What is it, Tony?”

“This is urgent! I need you now!!!”

“Okay. Zeesh! I’ll be there in a sec. Mordune’s Reserval Teleportation Earth-199999 Tower of Anthony Stark.” As the man said this, he appeared in front of Tony. He was wearing a red cloak and had a glowing green eye around his neck.



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