The Fifth Day of Christmas 2016

Man! We’re on part 5 already! Who would have thought? Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it! šŸ˜€

“So, Tony, you’re telling me that you made friends with two beings from alternate realities and it took you this longĀ to tell me!”

“Hey! I just got back! Anyway, I told you that these aren’t just beings from alternate realities, Stephen. They’re beings fromĀ fictionalĀ realities!”

“Okay, so you want meĀ to check if your friends even exist?”

“Yeah. Pretty much.” Next, Doctor Strange murmured some spell, waved his hands and made a whole bunch of bubbles appear. More and more bubbles were appearing by every second.

“Each of these gives you a little view into an entire universe. Currently, we’re looking at our multi-verse. Can you see either of their universes?”


“Okay,” the Doctor sighed. “We’re gonna have to start going through them one-by-one.” About half an hour later, they made a discovery.Ā On Earth-1218, they found both Bary and Luke. But they weren’t real people. They were on TV.

“Yes! I was right! Neither of them areĀ even real!”

“I guess they could have come here if they are fictional by… oh gosh!”

“What happened, Doc?”

“If fictional characters were able to get here and… it all makes sense! Tony, you said that they took you to a black room!”


“Because they couldn’t take you to their own universe, because they would turn into fictional characters again! Of course! They just chose random universes. And that universe where you met the guy with the laser sword, as you call it, that isn’t their universe either! They’re both in cahoots with each other because the only way that they can turn into real people is if they wipe out any entire universe! Who knows what universe this warehouseĀ is in! It might be our universe for all we know!” Tony cursed.

“Thanks, Doc! I gotta make sure I never let them come into our universe ever again.”

“Don’t let us down, Tony.” And then Doctor Strange disappeared and teleported back to his Sanctum Sanctorum.

In the meantime, Tony went to sleep. He had a horrible nightmare. He saw Barry and Luke, trying to kill him. But then weird creatures started crawling out of their mouths and eye holes. There were thousands of tiny black insects soon covering them. And then, each of the thousands of insects turned into a version of Barry. They were all running around Tony at light speed. Then one tiny insect turned into Luke. And Luke grew and grew, until he was gigantic. He took out his lightsaber and swung it to try and kill Tony with it. The illuminatedĀ green blade was about to hit Tony, but, suddenly, he woke up. He jumped out of his bed breathing very deeply.

Tony put on a Black Sabbath t-shirt and some pants, then went to a lower floor to have something to eat. “FRIDAY, make me some scrambled eggs!”

“Okay, Sir,” sheĀ replied and a few minutes later, Tony was eating his breakfast. As he was about to finish it, a portal appeared in front of him and Barry ran out.

“You comin’ Tony?”

“Yeah! ‘Course!” Tony got up. He put out his hand and parts of his armour started flying onto his body. The two of them went into the portal and appeared in some place, clearly far away from the nearest town. They were hiding behind a rock and they could see a big warehouse. Luke was there too. Thet were all about to raid that warehouse.




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