The Seventh Day of Christmas 2016

Part 7 of my Christmas fan fiction is upon us! That’s right, guys! Make sure you’ve read the previous 6 and then come back here for this awesomeness. Also, we have now reached the half-way point of this journey and remember that on the twelveth day of Christmas, the grand finale will happen!

“…then you must position your saber so that there is no way your opponent can hit your head or chest. From that you can swiftly move into an attacking position and from there you can do pretty much anything from disarming them to decapitating them.” The Force ghost of Obi-Wan was teaching Luke lightsaber combat techniques. Luke completed his every instruction perfectly. “That’ll do for today then. You’re doing great, Luke.” Obi-Wan was about to disappear before Luke stopped him.

“Wait! Master Kenobi?”


“Would it be possible for people that are from a fake reality to go into a different reality?”

“Well, what a unique question. Sorry. I’m afraid I don’t really have an answer for you. Ask Master Yoda. He’s all over that kind of stuff.”

“Okay. Thank you for the training, Master Kenobi.”

“No problem. You’re doing amazing. You’d probably be able to take on Palpatine by now.” Luke sighed. He ate some bantha chops, drank a glass of blue milk and went to sleep. The next morning, after breakfast, he waited for the Force ghost of Yoda, so that he could begin his Force training. Suddenly, he appeared.

“Master Yoda?”


“What did you mean when you said that Luke and Barry aren’t real?”

“Glad that you asked I am. You see, possible to channel the Force in such a way, it is, that travel to different realities, you can. This, my Master was able to do. To be incredibly Force sensitive it requires one to be. Unfortunately, as Force sensitive as my master I am not.Travel to different realities I can not, but view other realities, I can. A reality I saw in which the two friends you made, nothing but characters from fiction are.” Luke’s mind was completely blown.

“Know of what they fictional beings capable are we cannot. Be careful you must. To take them down when the time comes train you must.”

“Master Yoda, you want me to kill them?”

“Against them I want you to do whatever necessary is.” Later that day, Yoda’s ghost told Obi-Wan’s his suspicions, and Luke spent the next two weeks training to be able to defeat Tony and Barry. Normally, a Jedi wouldn’t be allowed to kill. However, Yoda said that when killed, they will just become works of fiction again. After the two weeks went by, though, Barry paid Luke a visit. The familiar portal appeared, and Barry ran through.

“How you doing, Luke?”

“I’m-I’m good.”

“Okay. Awesome. Listen, Luke, Tony made some sort of cool kryptonite cannon that will allow us to defeat Superman. Tomorrow, he’s gonna show us how it works. I’ll come to get you in the morning, okay?”


“Okay, great! See ya tomorrow, Luke!”



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