The Sixth Day of Christmas 2016

Welcome back, guys! Welcome back! I hope you’re liking this festive fan fiction so far. Don’t forget to read the previous 5 parts, just so that you can understand the story. Also, guys, this is actually the 200th post on my blog! Yay! It’s not some extremely round number, so I won’t be doing anything special because of it, but it’s fun to say that I have written 200 posts for my blog

“Okay. I’ve planted explosives all around the warehouse. They’re all going to go off in exactly 5 minutes. Tony, you’re gonna start firing at the building, especially all of those cameras and any henchmen that may run out. Luke, you’re gonna make sure the building doesn’t fall over. In the meantime, I’ll run in, find the kryptonite and then bring it out,” said Barry. He took a deep breath when he was finished.

When the time came, multiple explosions happened around the building. Armed men ran out, firing their guns at luke and Tony. But Tony kept blasting at them with his repulsors. He tried not to be lethal to them since he knew that Luke and Barry were both very immoral people. For all he knew, this ‘warehouse’ could actually be an orphanage or a veterinary center. In the meantime, Luke was using the Force to keep the building standing up straight.

With the corner of his eye, Tony could see Barry running into the building. Literally one second later, he ran out holding a huge crate with glowing green objects inside. Barry made a portal and they all went to that black room again where he took them yesterday. Barry opened the crate.

“This, my friends, is the key to defeating Superman!” he said at last, with triumph in his voice.

“They kind of look like kyber crystals,” remarked Luke.

“They’re not. They’re kryptonite,” Barry replied. “Anyway, well done, guys! That went very well. I’ll send you guys home now. Tony, I’ll give you this crate. See if you can make some armour or something that we can use to defeat Superman.” Tony picked up the crate and Barry made a portal that took him home.

“Make sure you train a lot and get a lot of rest, kid. As soon as Tony is finished with something that will help us defeat him, we’re gonna go in to take that sucker down,” Barry said to Luke. Luke didn’t reply. He always felt uncomfortable when there were these geniuses around and he seemed to be the odd one out. Barry made a portal that took him home too. He went through and was greeted by the Force ghost of Yoda.

“With your friends enjoy your adventure did you?”

“Not really, Master Yoda.”

“For you some important information I have.”

“What is it?”

“Trust those two people you should not. Dangerous foes they could be.”

“How d’you know, Master Yoda?” Luke was clearly very surprised.

“See into different universes and realities I can. See that those two real are not I did.”

“Wait! Master Yoda, are you saying that Barry and Tony aren’t real!?!?”

“Yes, young Padawan. Careful of them you must be.”

“Okay, Master Yoda,” Luke was shocked. Sure, he only knew them for two days, but he believed his own eyes that if they were standing right in front of him, they must be real.



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