The Eighth Day of Christmas 2016

Happy New Year’s Eve, guys! We’ve got 5 more parts of the fan fiction left to go. Hope you’re all enjoying it so far.

“Okay. Shall I start?” asked Tony.

“We’re ready when you’re ready,” replied Barry. The three of them where in that black room again. Tony was showing off the kryptonite cannon he made.

“Well, if you keep spinning this thingy mabob, it fires these long ranged, extremely sharp kryptonite shards. If you spin this thingy mabob, it fires much more powerful, short ranged kryptonite shards. And then, if you press this button, it will fire a crapton of kryptonite, along with some explosives, directly ahead. Once again, this one isn’t very good for long range. However, something that is good for long range, is this. When you press this button…” this time, Tony actually pressed the button instead of just talking about it.”This really sick kryptonite crossbow comes out and you can aim at him with it.”

“Great! So it’s completely finished now?” asked Barry.

“No, not completely. I still need to finish the AI, so it can operate by itself while the three of us are all in the field. I’m also gonna need a picture of each of you, so I can program it to never shoot any of us.” Tony took out his phone and snapped a photo of Barry and Luke. “Excellent! Oh, and, Barry?”


“Do you by any chance have some sort of photo of Superman?”

“I could get one for you.”

“Yes, please.” As Barry heard this, he put on his costume, made a portal ran through the portal ran through again 2 seconds later and now he was holding a newspaper.

“Here you go, Tony.” he said giving him the newspaper. It had a big photo of superman on the front page.

“Okay, great! I’ll program it to always target Superman then.” Barry took Tony and Luke to each of their worlds and then went to his own. In the meantime, Tony wasn’t really going to make it so that the cannon would never target either of them. He was programming it to purposely attack Barry and Luke. When he was finished, he sat down on his couch and decided to take a look at the newspaper Barry gave him.

America’s hero, Superman, saves 26 hostages from a bank. The bank was full with heavily armed people. They were threatening to kill the hostages if somebody tried to stop them from robbing the bank. Superman went in so quickly, that he was successfully able to safely extract all of the hostages. Among the hostages were  14 women and 3 children. After all of the hostages were safe, Superman flew into the bank one last time to disarm the robbers, so that the police could easily take care of them. One of the people turned out to be a mob boss who is estimated to have the blood of over 50 people on his hands. He has been wanted for a very long time now and thanks to Superman, the police finally have him.

Tony was very surprised. It didn’t seem like Superman has gone rogue at all.



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