The Ninth Day of Christmas 2016/2017

Happy 2017, guys! And happy part 9 of my fan fiction! I hope you all enjoy it, especially since this is my first post in the new year! 😀

Tony got up the next morning at half past 11 am. He went to sleep very late last night. He was thinking about what to do. He knew that Barry and Luke both wanted to destroy his entire universe and for some reason they wanted his help in killing this Superman, who was so clearly a good guy. Tony thought of three possible options as to what he could do.

His first option was to just confront Luke and Barry about it. Tell them that he knows everything they’re planning to do and that he’s ready to protect his universe. That was probably Tony’s dumbest option and he wasn’t really planning to go with that one, no matter what.

His second option was to just roll with it. They would go to whatever place they would be fighting Superman and Tony would just pretend to be surprised while the cannon would be attacking Luke and Barry instead of Superman. This was definitely the safest choice.

Tony’s third option was quite risky, but if that news article was true, it should work out. Tony would pretend to be fighting Superman, but really he would try to get the two of them to some place away from Luke and Barry, so that Tony could explain it all to him. Barry said that Superman has a very long list of powers. This meant that if Superman and Tony teamed up, they could easily kill Luke and Barry.

Tony was sitting on his couch, in front of an electrical fireplace, eating some French toast and thinking about his options. The first one was definitely out. He was mainly deciding between the next two. Suddenly, Tony realised how tired he was. He only slept for about 3 hours that night.


“Yes, Tony?”

“Make me a coffee, will ya? And make it quick. Otherwise I’ll fall asleep here.”

“Okay.” Tony took another piece of the delicious French toast. His eyes slowly started closing and soon enough, he found himself in a cage. He was the only one in it, apart from a disgusting skeleton in one corner. Tony realised he was wearing nothing but a pair of dirty boxers. He stood up, but the cage shook a bit, so he sat back down. He noticed that the cage was hanging on a long piece of rope. He looked down only to see that the cage was dangling over a pool of liquid magma.

Suddenly, the rope upon which the cage was hung, broke and the cage got lifted by a gigantic hand. Tony looked around him too see that the cage was now being held up by a huge version of Barry.

“You’re stupid, Tony!” shouted Barry. There was a sizzling sound as some of his saliva fell into the magma.

“What makes you say that?” Tony asked, still terrified.

“You cannot kill me with your little cannon!”

“I sure bloody can!” Barry shook his head and grinned as he heard this.

“I’m faster than the speed of light. I can easily avoid those shards!” Tony cursed. He forgot about this. “Tony, your coffee is ready.” said Barry in a different voice. He almost sounded like a woman now. Or an AI designed to sound like a woman…

Tony woke up.

“Thanks for the coffee, FRIDAY.”

“No problem, Tony. Can I help you with anything else?”

“No. I’m fine for now. Thank you.”







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