The Tenth Day of Christmas 2016/2017

My Christmassy fiction is slowly coming to an end. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Part 12 will be the last one.

After his very strange dream, it was clear to Tony that he must ask Superman for help. His kryptonite cannon may be powerful, but Barry could easily dodge even the fastest shards. But even Barry himself has said that Superman is also very fast. Probably not as fast as him, bus it was still worth a shot.

Tony sipped on his coffee. He no longer felt tired and wondered what to do. Barry would probably come pretty soon, so Tony wondered what to do with his free time. Ultimately, he decided to go out for a bit. He put on his Mark 47, went up on his roof and flew. He was still a bit hungry after those French toast, so he flew to Randy’s Donuts. 

“One cinnamon donut, please, take away.”

“Oh, Mister Stark! We haven’t seen you here in quite a while!”

“Yeah, well, I’ve been kinnda busy. How much will the donut be?”

“As always, Mister Stark. On the house for you!”

“I love that answer more and more every time!” Tony took the donut and ate it while sitting inside the hoop of the gigantic statue of a donut on top of the shop. Suddenly, Barry ran up to him. He gave Tony a little bit of a jump.

“Sorry, Tony. Didn’t mean to scare ya!”

“Nothing’s scared since I was trapped in a cave with Libyan terrorists.” Barry chuckled.”

“Anyway, I didn’t expect to find you all the way out here. I had to look all over the city for you. Took me like ten whole seconds!”

“Ten seconds! Who would have thought?” said Tony sarcastically.

“Well, all of that aside, are you ready to finally go up against Superman?”


“Yeah. Have you finished the cannon?”

“I, um, yeah. It’s all finished!”

“Great!” Barry made a portal appear. “Hop in! It’s all come down to this!” Tony walked into the portal very reluctantly. He was very nervous. What if even with Superman’s help he wouldn’t be able take down Barry and Luke? Seconds later, Tony and Barry were in that black room again. “I’ll just go get Luke,” Barry said. He made another portal, ran through and left Tony all by himself.


Luke was practicing his lightsaber techniques. This was it. This was going to be the day he would have to kill Tony and Barry. Suddenly, a portal appeared and Barry ran through.

“Hey there, Luke!”


“You ready for the big battle.” Luke took a deep breath. He felt like both Barry and Tony were way more powerful than him. How could he possibly kill them all by himself? But Luke trusted the Force that it would help him defeat them.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

“Excellent!” Barry moved to the side, allowing Luke access to the portal. He grabbed his lightsaber and walked through, only to be greeted by Tony in the black room.

“Hi, Luke.”

“Hi, Tony.”





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