The Eleventh Day of Christmas 2016/2017

Second last one, guys! I really hope that you all enjoy it!

“Everybody ready?” Barry asked. Luke nodded.

“Let’s get this crap over with!” said Tony. This was it. There was no turning back now.

“Okay,” Barry said, opening a brand new portal. “Guys, carry the cannon through.” Tony and Luke did as they were told. One-third of a second after they went through the portal, Barry also went through. And there he was. Superman.

“Flash? What are you doing here?” Superman asked.

“I’m here to stop you!” Barry replied, screaming at the hero.

“Stop me from what?”

“Stop you from killing all those people!”

“You know I don’t kill! What are you on about?”

“Tony, fire.” Tony just ignored the order at first. He just stood by the cannon. Soon, Barry repeated it, so Tony ran over to him and whispered to him.

“Listen, Barry. I think it will be smarter if we don’t reveal the cannon yet. I’ll go battle him, since I can also fly, while you guys make sure he doesn’t damage the cannon.”

“Fair enough.” Barry told Luke the plan and Tony flew away.

“Hey, Superman!” he shouted, trying to get Superman’s attention. The Man of Steel eventually followed Tony.

“What the hell’s going on? Why are you and the other guy with the Flash?”

“Listen, Superman, that man in the red suit isn’t who he says he is. He’s a psychopath destined to destroy entire universes.”

“But that’s Barry Allen! We’ve worked together for years! We’re on the Justice League of America together!”

“You need to trust me! He’s not who you think he is!”

“Can you describe his face for me?”

“Bald head. Square jaw.” Superman almost screamed as he heard Tony’s description.

“That’s not Barry Allen! That’s Lex Luthor! He must have tried to get your help to kill me!”

“Is Lex Luthor like your enemy or something?”




Luke and Barry were still guarding the cannon. Luke knew the moment would come. He would have to kill both Tony and Barry. He decided to get Barry over with now that Tony wasn’t here. That way he would only need to win two 1v1s instead of one 1v2.


“Yeah, Luke?”

“I’m really sorry.”

“For what?”

“You seemed like a nice person, but Ben said that I need to do this.”

“Do what?” At this moment, Luke took out his lightsaber and tried to slash it at Barry. But Barry was able to disarm Luke before the blade even came close to his skin.

“Luke! What are you doing?”

“You’re not real! You want to kill me!” Luke then managed to push Barry away using the Force and then throw him up very high. Barry fell down with a crash. He got up in pain.

“Luke! You’ve gone insane.” Just then, Tony and Superman came flying over. Tony targeted his turrets at Luke and Barry. He didn’t hit either of them. Barry dodged it and Luke blocked it with the Force. Then Tony flew down and activated the kryptonite cannon. Once again, he didn’t hit either of them. But, when Barry didn’t expect it, he got a big punch in the face from Superman.

“Superman! You take Bar… I mean, Lex and I’ll take Luke!” Tony said.

“Tony, don’t be stupid!”

“What the hell do you mean by that?”

“Luke isn’t evil. Lex tried to convince him to help him kill me, just like he tried to convince you.”

“Oh.” Tony and Luke shook hands. Tony apologised for trying to hit him with the turret and Luke forgave him. Now, it was 3v1: Superman, Tony and Luke versus Lex Luthor.





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