Interview #1 – Arta the Canadian

I’m going to start doing interviews with different people on my blog. For this first ever Sci-fi Pie interview, I reached out to Arta the Canadian! Arta does amazing minecraft builds based on objects and locations from the Star Wars films. I hope you all enjoy the interview and don’t forget to go on his PlanetMinecraft page to download some of his maps.

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PewDiePie in ‘Civil War’!?

Yes, I know! I haven’t posted on my blog for quite the while now. And yes, I am still alive. Anyway, I have a very interesting idea for today’s post (well, I think it’s pretty interesting). I will be comparing the current, extremely controversial, situation going on with PewDiePie’s channel to the comic book and comic book movie, Civil War. Get ready for this!

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