PewDiePie in ‘Civil War’!?

Yes, I know! I haven’t posted on my blog for quite the while now. And yes, I am still alive. Anyway, I have a very interesting idea for today’s post (well, I think it’s pretty interesting). I will be comparing the current, extremely controversial, situation going on with PewDiePie’s channel to the comic book and comic book movie, Civil War. Get ready for this!

Now, if you were at all conscious within the past few weeks, you will know that some pretty crazy sh*t has been going down between Felix Kjellberg and traditional media. Just in case you forgot, I’ll give you a quick refresher:

Pewdiepie is a Swedish youtuber that does well… videos. He recently posted a video where he paid some people on to hold up signs saying Death to all Jews and paid a Jesus impressionist to say Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong. The media took this opportunity to try and take away Pewdiepie’s audience and influence. But, of course, Pewdiepie has a very loyal fan-base that refused to listen to the accusations that he did anything wrong. But, that didn’t stop the situation from getting very ugly. Newspapers like the Wall Street Journal insisted that Felix is an absolute anti-semi and even went out to call him a full-on Nazi! 

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania pewdiepie fiverr death to all jews

This eventually led Pewdiepie to make an official apology on his channel. But, damn, that still didn’t stop traditional media from trying to get that sexy, figurative KO. Seeing that they might not get another chance like this, they fired all of their secret weapons. Including the fact that he supposedly has the same haircut that Hitler had when he was young. Therefore, Pewdiepie clearly supports his fascist beliefs. Logic, guys. Anyway, J.K. Rowling, author of the bestselling children’s book series Harry Potter, even tweeted that Pewdiepie uses fascism as a quote “Edgy Accessory”.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania pewdiepie jk rowling tweet

So, it all turned into a war of how far an innocent joke is able to go. A war of freedom of speech versus censorship. The irony is that it’s modern media versus traditional mediaMedia versus media. It’s a Civil War!

And when you look at the themes presented in the cult comic-book and movie called Civil War and Captain America: Civil War respectively, you can see a lot of similarities to these events going on in the digital world. We have Steve Rogers. A man who believes that superheroes should be able to act as they please and take the law in their own hands for the greater good. Then we have Tony Stark at the front of a huge organization promoting the idea of a big brother looking over to make sure everybody is playing by the rules.


Notice that ever since 2012’s The Avengers, Tony and Steve have had an intense rivalry. Just like traditional media have already wanted to eliminate big youtubers like Pewdiepie from the playing field for a very long time now. They are scared. Scared that this new era of media has begun and they’re going to be left behind. Forgotten. So, in order to survive, they need to use the audience that they still have to turn the world against these Youtube personalities. Just like Tony is scared. He screwed up like hell by creating Ultron and he’s scared that he’s losing influence and fame. In order for people to trust him again, he needs to show them that he will never let anything like this happen again and that he’s pro-superhuman registration.

Now, I don’t necessarily always think that Pewdiepie’s videos are quality entertainment. But I do believe that he is a genius in his own right. He knows how much traditional media hate him, so he gave them the world’s best Christmas present last year by announcing that he’s gonna delete his channel… only for it to turn out that it was actually one big troll. Besides, I’m sure that he didn’t even mean to offend anyone by doing that fiverr video… either that or he knew just how much of a scandal it would create, so he did it as a publicity stunt. I guess we will never truly fu***ng know.

Thank you for reading this post. Why don’t you read some other ones too? I do regular posts about MARVEL, DC, Star Wars and more! Let me know what you thought about this post by leaving a comment or simply clicking the like button. Share this post on your social media if you feel like you want other people to know about it. Talking about social media, don’t forget to like me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram and subscribe to me on YouTube. But that’s it from me for now. See thee soon!



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