PewDiePie in ‘Civil War’!?

Yes, I know! I haven’t posted on my blog for quite the while now. And yes, I am still alive. Anyway, I have a very interesting idea for today’s post (well, I think it’s pretty interesting). I will be comparing the current, extremely controversial, situation going on with PewDiePie’s channel to the comic book and comic book movie, Civil War. Get ready for this!

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I got my Letter Printed in an Actual Comic!!!

So, you know the way that some MARVEL Comics (not too sure about DC) have a special page dedicated to letters sent in by the readers? Well, I recently got my letter printed in one!!! MARVEL Legends #3 to be exact. Unfortunately, these comics are only available in the UK and Ireland. But if you wanted to you could probably pick them up on Amazon or Ebay, cause they have really cool storylines. Oh and, by the way, there will be spoilers for Steve Rogers – Captain America #1 in this post. You have been warned! Continue reading I got my Letter Printed in an Actual Comic!!!

C’mon, MARVEL!!!

SRSLY, have you heard what’s been going on in the world of comics recently –  specifically the world of MARVEL comics? They have been giving the mantle of many mainstream heroes to more gender-different and ethnically different characters. People have pretty mixed opinions. Here’s what I think.

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Don’t worry, Cap isn’t really Hydra… or is he!?!?

As you should know by now (so I shall have absolutely no regrets in saying this without a spoiler warning) Steve Rogers recently said Hail Hydra right after killing fellow hero, Jack Flag. Does this mean Steve was a Hydra agent all along… no it doesn’t, because it was explained an issue later that he was actually just being manipulated by Kobik, the Cosmic Cube. So he will soon probably just ‘return to the Light side of the Force’ and once again lead the fight against Hydra, right?  Continue reading Don’t worry, Cap isn’t really Hydra… or is he!?!?

Steve Rogers: Captain America #2 – My Thoughts

The second issue has been out for a few days now, so I thought that I could now do my review of the comic. Check out my posts about the first issue in the series by clicking here and here. Please, note that both of those posts and the post you are about to read right now contain major spoilers for the series. Proceed at your own risk.  Continue reading Steve Rogers: Captain America #2 – My Thoughts