Sci-fi IRL: NASA vs SpaceX Part 1

I haven’t done one of these Sci-fi IRL posts in quite a while now, have I? So, here you go! Anyway, NASA is now trying to conquer the cosmos (figuratively of course) for over 50 years. However, SpaceX is only in the business since 14 years ago. So, what makes it that I’m here comparing these two organizations? Continue reading Sci-fi IRL: NASA vs SpaceX Part 1

Sci-fi IRL: The Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard!

How annoying is carrying around a keyboard everywhere. Pretty annoying, huh? Well what if your keyboard could fit into a keyring. Don’t believe me? Then what if your keyboard was as thin as a laser. You still don’t believe me? Just read this post, and then you’ll believe me.

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Sci-Fi IRL: Oculus

It’s January 6th, which means that prebooking the brand new Oculus Rift is now open. If you are a gamer, then you must know what it is, but in case you aren’t here’s a quick overview. It’s a virtual reality headset, which means that you basically put a huge brick over your eyes, and instead of clicking a few buttons to play a game, you actually have to play it. It also has goggles in it, that make you see nothing, but the game. So, for example, instead of clicking to punch a zombie in the face, you need to actually swing and derive a blow.

Anyway, time for a quick history lesson. Palmer luckey was always fascinated with HMVs. But he soon invented a new type of virtual reality headset. So then in 2012, himself and Brendan Iribe founded Oculus VR. In 2014, it was acquired by Facebook for 2 billion dollars. And now, in 2016, they are officially launching their first product for prebooking, the Oculus Rift.

Lots of people will probably be online at the time to preorder it, although it was officially stated that it will cost over 350 dolloars. Not to mention that you need a GOOD computer to run it. But one of the many bright sides is that there will be lots of games available on it. That includes minecraft. And there will even be many games made specially for the Oculus Rift. That includes Lucky’s Tale.

So, I hope that you enjoyed this pie. If you have absolutely any suggestions or requests for what I should talk about in Sci-fi IRl, or even just anything that you want me to talk about in general in my daily science fiction blog, pleeease let me know. You don’t even need to have a WordPress account. All you have to do is scroll down a bit and fill out the contact form, then click “send”.

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The Oculus Rift
                             The Oculus Rift

2015- What a Year for Sci-fi?

Wow! 2015 was an epic year as far as science fiction is concerned. Now that it’s New Year’s Eve, it’s time to be looking back.

First of all… Marvel! Thad an awesome year during which they celebrated 40 years and they made 2 awesome movies. Age of Ultron was just amazing and I missed Ant-man in theaters so I’m watching him for the first time this Monday. 2015 also said hello to Agents of SHIELD season 3, a few games and heaps of great comics. And not to mention that incredible Civil War trailer.

Next up, it’s our old friends at DC. They released The Arrow season 3, The Flash season 2 and… yeah. Do they really want to be credited for what they did to tv with Supergirl season 1? But anyways, they also had a bunch of cool comics, one or two games and the Dawn of Justice trailer.

Next though, is Star Wars. Lots of stuff this year. A new animated tv show, new video game and… of course… the one and only… new lunchbox!!! No, just kidding. It’s the one and only Force Awakens.

Sci-fi mainly just stayed in those 3 categories this year, but there still was more. We had The Martian (which I do clasify as sci-fi), Jurrasic World and everybody’s disappointment of the year… The Fantastic Four! I didn’t class it as Marvel, because the movie itself was made by 20th Century fox, but the characters were of course made by Marvel.

So, that should more less wrap up the year. Let me know in the comments if you think that I missed something major and I hope that you come back next year (tomorrow) to see me listing sci-fi for 2016. So thank you for staying with me for almost all of December and I hope that I will be able to continue this little personal blog until December 2016 and even longer.

All of your feedback is very much appreciated. Even if you don’t have a WordPress account or don’t have time to leave a comment, please at least fill in the poll below. It only take 2 clicks and it will really help me with my blog. Once again 2015 was a great year, so let’s hope that 2016 will be even greater. Happy New Year, everybody! 🙂

back to the future in 2015
Does any1 still remember that 2015 Back to the Future thing? We’re supposed to have hoverboards by now!


Sci-Fi IRL: The Raspberry Pi

I’m sorry, but with all of the fuss with Star Wars and Christmas recently, I didn’t get to write any sci-fi IRL posts. But I guess that now you cannot complain because you are reading one. So basically another awesome thing I got for Christmas was a Raspberry Pi. The version I got was the Pi 2 model B, which is probably the best version for playing around with and learning to code.

But the same company also released the Pie Zero. It’s the smallest computer on Earth with such capacity and it fits between your index finger and your thumb. For those who are unaware, the Raspberry Pi is the smallest computer in the world and many people do cool stuff with it. For example: a retro arcade, a remote control car or even a working microwave.

So basically if you order you get a circuit board with a whole bunch of stuff on it. You can also buy add-ons for exaple cameras and things like that. The Raspberry Pi Zero is, like I said, the smallest computer with such capacity and you can also create lots of stuff with it. The awesome thing about Raspberry Pi is that it’s so incredible, but you can get one for under thirty euro. It sure is adding the ‘technology’ into ‘home technology’.

So, I really hope that you enjoyed this short pi about the Raspberry Pie. Oops, sorry. Wrong way around. I really hope that you enyojed this pie about the Raspberry Pi.

Also I realized that many of the visitors on my blog do not have a WordPress account so from now on every post is going to include a contact form for you to give me your feedback and a poll for you to rate my posts. Of course if you do have a WordPress account I would encourage you to just use the comment section. But I want everybody to feel free to give me your honest opinion in the poll. Once again, thank you for reading and I hope that you stick around because I have daily posts to quench all of your sci-fi needs.

The Raspberry Pi Zero
The Raspberry Pi Zero

Sci-Fi IRL: The Orion

The Orion Spasecraft

For about a year now, I am a very proud subscriber of the NASA digest bulletin newsletter. While sometimes I don’t have much time and given a huge list of new pictures of planets, some photos taken by satellites, meetings that you cannot even watch through the internet ect. I am forced to just quickly scroll down with the risk of not noticing the really exciting stuff.

But one topic I try to never miss is the Orion spacecraft. It is already built and tested but I was very disappointed when I realised that not many people actually know about this. I may seem like a nerd, but this thing is stronger than the Saturn V!

And the Orion is supposed to take people to Mars!!! And Mars is over 224 and a half million kilometers  further away from Earth than the Moon. This lack of hype is probably because the Space Age is now long over and people just, I don’t know, aren’t excited about humant being walkinh on the surface of a planet which is only 225 million kilometers away from ours.

Oh yeah, and did I even mention that this is supposed to also take people to a meteor! So hopefully if NASA is right, then by 2025 we will have a mission of a few astronoats going to a meteor, to the ISS and to Mars for the first time ever in one mission. I really do think that this deserved a pie. I hope that you liked it. Remember,  if you want to contact me privately it’s just