Spiderman: Homecoming Trailer!!!

Man, MARVEL really didn’t want to give Star Wars their spotlight for a single second! We’re gonna have the Rogue One premiere they say. And then, MARVEL shoves out the first Spiderman: Homecoming trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Wow! And to think they both belong to Disney!

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Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer!

First of all, I would like to notice that this movie is coming in July of next year and they already have a trailer. Meanwhile, Guardians of the Galaxy is coming in April and MARVEL haven’t released a trailer yet. And it kind of doesn’t add up, because they shouldn’t have started filming until after the release of Batman v Superman. They had quite a bunch of humour in this trailer, and the lack of humour was the main problem in BvS. So, yeah. There were definitely major reshoots. Also, they were probably rushing a bit to have a trailer released at Comic-Con. But I still think this movie looks awesome and it was worth the reshoots to make it enjoyable. Continue reading Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer!

Doctor Strange Comic-Con Trailer!

Doctor Strange hasn’t really been one of the most anticipated movies this year. This is because Doctor Strange is a pretty niche character from the comics. But don’t forget that so where the Guardians of the Galaxy. Heck, barely anyone even knew who Iron Man was before he got his own movie! Continue reading Doctor Strange Comic-Con Trailer!

Justice League Comic-Con “Trailer”

This trailer is bloody awesome! You could have asked me a few days before Comic-Con and I would have said I don’t care about the Justice League movie. Ask me now and I’ll tell you I’m completely on-board with it. Continue reading Justice League Comic-Con “Trailer”