The First Day of Christmas 2016

Last year for Christmas I did this really cringeworthy parody of 12 Days of Christmas where all of the items in the song are replaced with items from Star Wars, DC and MARVEL. I was very proud of it back then, but, um… yeah. Pssst: It’s actually really, really weird. For the lolz, check it out here. Anyway, this year I decided to do something slightly more appealing. I had an idea to do a 12-part fan fiction with all of your favourite sci-fi characters. There will be a new part of the fan fic coming out every day for the 12 days of Christmas. Here’s the first one. Enjoy! 😉

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I got my Letter Printed in an Actual Comic!!!

So, you know the way that some MARVEL Comics (not too sure about DC) have a special page dedicated to letters sent in by the readers? Well, I recently got my letter printed in one!!! MARVEL Legends #3 to be exact. Unfortunately, these comics are only available in the UK and Ireland. But if you wanted to you could probably pick them up on Amazon or Ebay, cause they have really cool storylines. Oh and, by the way, there will be spoilers for Steve Rogers – Captain America #1 in this post. You have been warned! Continue reading I got my Letter Printed in an Actual Comic!!!