Why Superman is Awesome and Underappreciated

I often get annoyed by people who don’t read comics saying Superman is stupid or Superman is overrated or Superman is overpowered or Superman is a bad character. I believe that Superman, when written correctly by a good writer is a great character and can be the source of many great stories. In this post, I will explain why I think that many of the things people have against Superman are vastly unfair and why he isn’t as popular as many other superheroes.

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Top 10 MARVEL Characters That I Want to See Added to Contest of Champions

I haven’t done one of these Top 10 Thursdays posts in quite a while now, so I thought that now would be a great time to do one. And since I’ve been playing loads of MARVEL Contest of Champions lately, I thought that could be the theme for this top 10 list. Here’s the deal: these are the ten MARVEL characters which I would want to see in MCoC the most. I didn’t include any champions that are already in the game either as playable characters or as enemies. Also, I will be suggesting how many stars the champion should have, what the attacks could be and what the celebration could be. So, let’s go! Continue reading Top 10 MARVEL Characters That I Want to See Added to Contest of Champions

My Thoughts on the MARVEL Video Games X-men Embargo

In my last post (which I consider one of my best posts to date), I explained the whole embargo that MARVEL has on X-men characters in their video games. You should probably check out that post before reading this one, but it’s all completely up to you! I honestly don’t give a crap! Continue reading My Thoughts on the MARVEL Video Games X-men Embargo

Quiz Time #1 – MARVEL

I thought of a cool idea. I will play a little game with all of you. We will do a sci-fi quiz! After reading each question you must answer it using the PollPady poll and you must then scroll down to find out the real answer. No cheating, please! Let me know what score you got in the comments! Continue reading Quiz Time #1 – MARVEL

Why Does Nobody Die in Comics?

First of all, yesterday I hit 100 posts on my blog! Click here to check out my 100th post! Today I will be talking about why nobody ever dies, and stays dead, in comics. I’m not talking about movies here. I will be tackling why nobody dies in comic book movies another day. For now, let’s just focus on comics. Continue reading Why Does Nobody Die in Comics?

LEGO Avengers – My Expectations

Yesterday I finally got the chance to buy the newest LEGO game, and it’s about science fiction and it’s based on two of my favorite movies of all time. LEGO Avengers!!!! I’ve heard mostly positive things about this game and I’ve been hyped up for ages, so my bar is going to be pretty high.  Continue reading LEGO Avengers – My Expectations